My Pics

My Pics
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Time

Pregnancy. In some ways, it is the easiest and most beautiful things in this screwed up world. In another, it can be the most disastrous experience for a woman, circumstances considered. I think that only those who have a physical or genetic disorder that without the help of modern medicine, pregnancy and labor can unfortunately make them suffer greatly or even die.

Women in today’s world and only in places where modern medicine is offered are the most spoiled rotten people in the world. Woman demand so much from life, themselves, and men not just the physical part of men but in the last century we want their jobs as well and are now starting to treat them as if the only thing men are good for is breeding. This leads me to the statement I wish to share. Women have reached a point to where they believe everything they hear in regards to pregnancy and labor; Such as old wives tales of heartburn, how you carry your baby, along with many, many more.

Why do we even make up all this crap? Is it to make ourselves feel better?

I think that women have come to a point where they believe all the scary and painful stories about labor without taking into consideration that they are just stories.

I have three theories on this:

1 – Sure it is as painful and bad as women say… but that’s if you only focus on the contractions and the pain they are causing you, thus you will want whatever drug being offered to get rid of the pain.

2 – It could be about a 50/50 split but that is if you focus on the contractions and the pain it causes and also have your attention on the child you are about to bring into the world. Nevertheless, like most, the attention will inevitably be diverted to the pain and like theory one you will end up wanting drugs to alleviate the pain.

3 – If you focus ALL of your attention on the child you are about to give birth to, the notice of pain will be so far in the back of your brain that you wont have time to consider or even realize that pain is there.

I will admit, when I was pregnant with my first child I myself was sorta scared and even though I had been around women who had all their children natural, to them it was nothing to be even the slightest bit scared of. They all said, “It’s all about focus.” The part of me that was scared was the tiny part of my brain that wondered if what everyone was saying was true, that it really did hurt as bad as they say.

What helped me hold my ground that I could do it and that is wasn’t that bad were the few women I knew who said it was that bad. One story about a young woman in particular near my age named Missy, her mother Mary had told me and my mom about how Missy did when she had her first child. Mary had Missy focus on her breathing and the baby to distract her from the pain.

Mary had told me that by the time Missy was ready to push, Missy was really considering drugs, not because she was in pain but because she was getting physically tired and maybe thought they could help her out a bit. When she told her mom Mary told her that it was too late and it was time for her to start pushing. Shortly she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Another thing that helped me was thinking about all of the strange things other people had told me that I found very funny. One thing that repeated in my head was something that a friend of a friend had said and was backed up by I think two others that had also had children.

They all said that when pushing “…it’s like taking a big shit…” in their words exactly. It made me laugh when they said that. And when I when I was pushing for Kaylin that thought for some strange reason started to resound in my head over and over that is nearly made me start laughing out loud. But the super focused part of my brain kept me from doing so making a mental note that it would most likely be inappropriate to do so. So all the while I am going hysterical in my head with laughter while every now and again would be interrupted but sheer and absolute awe that would come out so much that my mom would have to snap me out of it and get me to focus on task at hand, pushing.

After it was all done and Kaylin was here, while the nurses where cleaning her up and the dr doing her thing and fixing me up. I told my mom “That wasn’t that bad.” I apparently said that loud enough for the whole room to hear but only one nurse was paying attention. According to my husband the one nurse that was laying attention got a look on her face that said she wanted to slap me for saying that.

Now I really don’t understand why she made that face, so I am gonna go with the notion that I was the first person she has encountered and heard say that and believe it.

Giving birth is not as bad as women make it out to be. If you divert your attention to other things then you have not time to think about it hurting. On top of that you get the extra-added bonus of forgetting more when you hold and see your new baby for the first time after he or she is born.

So all in all, I personally don’t think that drugs are necessary or should even offered as an option unless in an emergency or absolutely necessary.

It’s all about focus! You “keep your eyes on the prize” so to say. If you keep your focus on the baby, jokes and/or silly things… you can do it. The saying “the only thing holding you back is yourself.” That statement is more true then people realize.