My Pics

My Pics
Baby with lazer beams

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It all began with the putting of things in the mouth. Her fascination was trying to stuff as much of her blanket in her mouth then scream. Then she shifted to chewing on her blanket and her toys, and then she realized her tong was just as good. She always chews on it like she has a piece of gum in her mouth.

Once she nailed that down she moved on to the next thing that fascinated her. And that was blowing bubbles she would gather enough spit in her pudgy little cheeks so she can make bubbles and drool. She loved doing this for two weeks straight. She then seemed to get tired and bored with this and moved on to the next step in her fun games.

This involved other parts of her tiny little body. She started out with trying to shove she whole fist in her mouth, then decided it wasn’t really a wasted effort she just couldn’t seem to get her whole hand in there with out other fingers getting in the way of her mission. So she decided to try her feet, maybe she thought if she could fit that in her mouth she could use it to figure out what she was doing wrong with her hands. Well at this point she also got into the biting phase that lasted a whole 2 days after what happened. She stuck her foot in her mouth I am assuming to see how much she could fit in there and the then chose to bite maybe to see what would happen. Well as we all know, when we bite our self, we learn NEVER to do it again because it hurts. She learned never to bite herself again after that. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to put her feet in her mouth; she learned that sucking on her toes was better. She still continues with this piece of her fun but she has moved on to the next fun part of her learning games.

She started to experiment with her tong apparently chewing on it was just not as much fun as she first thought so she started sticking it out at different intervals and testing the distance to see how far she can make it go out her mouth; she had a blast with this for about 3 weeks then she got abruptly bored with this and decided to experiment with sounds she figured talking at indoor volume was just not enough so she started screaming. Testing the volumes and different sounds she can make from screaming. She like the sound she made with she got her tong involved in the mix.

Well she now has the power of volume she screams and yells to her beautiful little hearts content. She just recently discovered how to make a hissing sound while breathing in and out, I think she is trying to be scary…it almost sounds like the breathing of a killer in the movies. I have come to call it her evil speech. She seems to be extremely fascinated by the sound that comes out so she does this all the time. Occasionally she will let out a short scream followed by her scary breathing; it’s so funny because she makes this face of full concentration like she is trying to be scary. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen and heard.

I am so excited to see what her next fascination and accomplishment will be. I love being with my little girl as she discovers new things about herself and things that she realizes she can do.

The major accomplishments I have been able to see was her figuring out how to roll over on to her back and her utter excitement as she discovered how to roll back on to her tummy, then being able to stand and her ability to bounce up and down using the strength of her short little legs, then when she learned that she was in control of the volume of her voice, then the most recent major accomplishment was holding herself up on her hands and knees (though she did need help getting onto her hands and knees).

God I love being a mother!!