My Pics

My Pics
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy is always fun

There are some things in this world that just make me wonder if they were ever real.
We as a society have put together so many stories about creatures that are intended to be imaginary, legend, or myth. But you got to ask yourself, where did these people get the ideas of these creatures? I mean seriously the descriptions of some of the creatures are so detailed and no matter who you hear it from the descriptions are all the same if not extremely similar.
I truly wonder if creature like Unicorns, Pegasus', Harpies’, Dragons, Trolls, Pixies/Fairies, etc. ever existed at one point in time. Otherwise how would they have made it to our stories today?
I think that MAYBE at point in time they were real.
People think they have seen the big foot yet not evidence of there existence has ever been found and documented.
Maybe like the big foot these mythical creatures just knew how to evade us humans knowing the ramifications of what would happen to them, so they were very smart about how to handle their dead to keep us from finding them. Now the unicorn has probably been found but because it looks like a lot like a horse we have probably just assumed its remains while the horn either decays’ or something supernatural happens to it.
Or better yet when these creatures die maybe something supernatural happens to their dead thus leaving no evidence of their existence behind. It may be the same for the big foot or Yeti or they could just be smarter then us and know how to hide themselves and their dead. This is why only hikers have seen them and everything about them is hard to prove.
Think about it, just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, right? I have never seen a million dollars, but that doesn’t mean it don’t exist.

I know I night be crazy but people like me are exactly what this world needs to keep it on the balance of fun.