My Pics

My Pics
Baby with lazer beams

Monday, February 1, 2010


Of all creatures on this planet there is one among us all that is the most hostile to the rest and even to their own. We don’t think much of these creatures because they are pretty – beautiful even. But what separates them from the rest of their kind is simply this…….they are female.

In case you have not figured it out, I am speaking mostly of the Human females. All in all females of ALL species are the number 1 most vicious species in existence.

Why is this, you may ask. It’s just that; we are what we are. Females by nature are protective of what is theirs and what they feel belongs to them. You see this behavior in all the female species. But none other is more hostile, more conniving, more brutal, more vicious then us human women. Why? Because unlike the others, we will eat our own (figuratively speaking), we among all have more deadly motives to kill and destroy, regardless of how stupid the reason of our motivation.

If you disagree with me, think of this. Would a male degrade another in such a way that is more then humiliating? And do such a thing not only in private but also in a public place? Does a male have the deadly mother bear instinct when someone threatens his family? Would a male go to extreme measures to exact revenge because someone attacked him mentally or emotionally (regardless of the level of attack)?

The answer to these is: No, a male would not behave like this because it’s not in their nature to do so.

A woman would degrade another in a way that is beyond humiliating in private and in public. I theorize a female would do this in public more often because they get the satisfaction of an audience to the others shame. This I think creates a type of high for the aggressor female.

A female has the natural mother bear instinct (with or without children) to protect her family from any and all types of attack. I think you would be surprised at how strong a woman can be to a physical attack on what she feels belongs to her. And would go to such extremes as to gain all the damage to ensure the safety of the ones she is protecting, thus why mothers have in the past centuries and will continue in centuries to come die for their family.

A female would go to extreme measures to get revenge. And if you think about it, it will always include the act of humiliation.

If the female species were stronger then the male then we would be the ultimate predator. No bear, Lion wolf or the great white shark would be able to match our deadly abilities. Maybe that’s why God made us the weaker and men the brute…balance. They may have the physical strength but we have the ability to manipulate emotions. That is very scary in some ways.

The cruelest of us are those that know the power they have and use it for their gain.

Knowing this aren’t you glad woman don’t rule the world?