My Pics

My Pics
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Friday, November 20, 2009


It’s the only time I ever felt like I scattered to peaces.

A jig-saw puzzle is designed for difficulty; they make you frustrated and often times it will even piss you off. Life is the only thing I can think of that plays the true role of a jig-saw and is possibly the greatest definition to the word. Life in itself comes in its pieces, what you do with those pieces helps you or destroys you.

Like the jig-saw the next piece you gab is always something you will never expect, all you can do is hope that it won’t be something that you will regret choosing. When you go through a devastating event in you life it’s as though you are almost done with that puzzle than someone comes along and pushes the puzzle to the floor scattering the pieces.

Granted life is more dangerous and difficult, exciting and spontaneously fun then a stupid puzzle but it still holds the same expression. You get angry when it is destroyed before you can finish.

When something happens to scatter your jig-saw of a life before you’re done, many things happen. You either choose to forgive and forget and go along as though nothing happened; you are dangerously devastated by the event that the complication of picking up the pieces of your puzzle of a life nearly comes to an end without ever seeing the final picture; or you aretrying to pick up the pieces that your puzzle of a life ends before the picture is complete. completely devastated that you cant handle the complication of even

We all know what we would like to say, how we want to handle the scattering of our lives but until in the event of devastation slams into your puzzle the outcome may or may not be different then you think.

I survived a devastating scatter of my life once, I don’t think I can survive another one like it but then again I am not sure how I managed to survive the first one. I don’t think I could survive but I have a feeling I would for the simple fact is that I am a fighter in ways that I sometimes truly hate. The problem is trying to find out whom to be angry with. When your puzzle scatters you get mad at the one you think could have prevented it, though if you think about it; the one who could have stopped it could be the one responsible for the scattering thus is why nothing was done to stop it. But then again the there is the one who scatters life puzzles just for the sake of doing it while trying to break those people and claim them before something can be done to save them. In that case, would both parties be to blame? One scatters to spite you and the other does nothing to prevent that. What is the outcome to get angry at both parties? The one who spites you does it for your reaction and uses it as encouragement to do it again while the other takes you anger with great stride and waits patiently for you to calm down so he can pick you up and hold you tight enough to keep you from falling into more pieces then you can handle.

My puzzle fell apart once but I was held together, have you ever been scattered? And even bigger, do you think you can survive if your puzzle is scattered again like it was the previous time? My answer: I truly don’t know.