My Pics

My Pics
Baby with lazer beams

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heartbreaker Baby

The most beautiful sound I have ever heard sounded a few weeks ago and now every time I hear it I feel total bliss and any negative emotion that was going on at that moment just disappears.

My daughter lets out that beautiful sound that makes me forget that anything is bothering me. And I love to just sit and listen to her talk to whoever it is she sees. Then she will let out this roar of laughter that just melts my heart.

There are things that she does that may bug my like getting up at a ungodly time and stay awake just cause she wants too, but then she starts talking and weakens my irritation at that moment.

I always knew that love can do strange thing to human body, mind, emotions and strange as it may sound and be it even effects the soul. Love is the most powerful thing I my self have ever experienced. I have felt the intense power of love in its first then again when it brought me back to life but I never realized that it could go beyond that. Then it hit me with intensity beyond the power of the atom bomb, I looked into the eyes of my baby girl after she was born and I was completely disabled to the core. I knew from that moment I would do anything for her. Now I understand how and why other mothers feel when they look at their children and get that look of complete aww.